Privacy-focused portfolio performance tracker

Track the performance of your portfolio across multiple accounts — and preserve your privacy with all calculations performed on device.

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Have a glance at your portfolio

The portfolio screen shows you all of your current positions — including subpositions and cash positions. See the amount you’ve invested, what it’s worth right now, and what your returns are.

Screenshot showing the portfolio screen

Check your performance

See how your portfolio has performed with the money-weighted return as well as the time-weighted return. You can also check the performance for each instrument individually.

Screenshot showing the performance screen

Also available on the go

Since Profit syncs with iCloud, you can check your portfolio and how it performs on the go as well with the companion app for iOS.

Screenshot showing Profit on the iPhone

Overview of all features

Time- and money-weighted return

Profit calculates the time-weighted return as well as the money-weighted return (cumulative and annualized).

Short and long

Profit supports long and short positions — and calculates your performance accordingly.

On-device calculations

All calculations are performed on your device — your sensitive transaction data is never sent to third-parties.

iOS companion app

Check your performance on the go with the companion app for iOS (read-only).

Multiple currencies

Profit supports multiple currencies with automatic conversion using data from the European Central Bank.

Up-to-date prices

Profit automatically downloads and updates prices from various sources for up-to-date reports.

Syncs with iCloud

Profit syncs with iCloud so you can track your performance on all your devices.

Native apps

Both the macOS and the iOS apps are native applications with the look and feel you expect.

Works offline

Since all data is stored on your device, the apps also work without internet connectivity.