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Privacy-focused portfolio performance tracker for macOS and iOS with on-device calculations.

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One screen for all your positions — including subpositions and cash positions. See the amount you’ve invested, what it’s worth, as well as your returns. Interactive charts visualize your value, profit, and return over time.

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Short and long positions

You can add long positions as well as short positions to your accounts. When you mix them, Profit calculates the surplus return accordingly.

Buy, sell, and more

Profit supports numerous transaction types: buy, sell, dividend, interest, deposit, withdrawal, conversion, and transfer transactions.

Securities, options, and crypto

Profit allows you to track securities, American-style options, and crypto currencies.

Manual entry by choice

Transactions are added manually, helping you to better understand what’s happening in your brokerage and banking accounts.


See how your portfolio performs using metrics like the time-weighted return and the money-weighted return. You can also check your performance per instrument as well as per account.

Screenshot of the Performance screen

Multiple accounts

You can have as many accounts as you want. Choose any combination and the app calculates insights, positions, and performance only for those accounts.

Multiple currencies

Profit supports multiple currencies — even in the same account. With automatic conversion using data from the European Central Bank.

Also available on iOS

With automatic iCloud sync between your devices.

Screenshot of the Positions tab on iOS Screenshot of the Performance tab on iOS


Profit performs all calculations on your device. We don’t operate a backend. We don’t track you and don’t know what and how much you have in your portfolio.

Up-to-date prices

Profit automatically downloads and updates prices from various sources for up-to-date reports.

Works offline

Because all data is stored on your device, the apps work just fine even without internet connectivity.

Syncs with iCloud

Profit leverages Apple’s battle-tested and secure iCloud to keep both the macOS and iOS app in sync.

Import CSV files

Whether you’re currently tracking your portfolio with a spreadsheet or another app — with the CSV import you can easily import your existing transactions into Profit.

Native apps for Apple platforms

Both the macOS and the iOS apps are native applications with the look and feel you expect.

Ad-free and never selling your data

There are no ads and there will never be. We don’t sell your data — not even anonymized. We’re independent and make money by selling the app.

Get it from the App Store.

Download Profit from the App Store — for macOS and iOS.

Download Profit on the App Store