Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it free?

Yes, there is and always will be a free version of Profit. However, in the free version, you are limited to adding up to 100 transactions. Also, in future versions of the app, certain features might only be available in Profit Pro.

Can I import transactions from my broker?

Profit does not support direct imports from brokers, but there is a generic CSV import functionality that you can leverage to import your transactions.

How do I find the correct ticker symbol for a security?

You can use the Apple Stocks app that comes with macOS and iOS to look up ticker symbols for securities, funds, etc. You can also use websites like Yahoo Finance to look them up.

Can I track cryptocurrencies?

There is no first-class support for cryptocurrencies yet, but you can add them as securities. Bitcoin in USD, for example, uses the ticker symbol BTC-USD.

Can I track options?

While there is no first-class support for options yet, you can add options as securities. See Option symbol on Wikipedia for how the ticker symbol for options is constructed. Keep in mind that historical prices for expired options are usually not available.